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Aerators and Fountains

Aerators provide mass circulation of oxygen into water resource systems and give nature a boost by treating the causes of poor water quality. This circulation can help create a healthier ecosystem in lakes or ponds. Understanding water stratification in lakes or ponds can help to better manage water resources and eliminate poor water quality.

Aerators and fountains can beautify lakes and ponds.  Installing light kits can enhance night-time aesthetics.

It is important to understand the differences between aerators and fountains. A complete professional presentation on aeration and fountains can be provided by Small Waters to real estate developers, golf course managers, property management groups, home owner associations, civic group, and individual lake/pond owners.

Small Waters installs and services aerators and fountains. Small Waters offers annual service plans and we highly recommend scheduling a regular monthly service plan on all aerators and fountains to prevent voiding the warranty from trash debris, aquatic weeds and algae clogging that will destroy the motor.

Regular service plans will extend the life of the aerator and your investment even after the warranty has elapsed. In addition, the float and light kit will need to be cleaned on a regular basis, bulbs replaced, and timers reset during power outages. Routine maintenance will keep your aerator and fountain looking great and operating properly.

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