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David McGavock
University of Tennessee
Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries Biology 1991

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Aquatic Weeds and Algae Control

Aquatic weeds and algae promote a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Heavy infestations may restrict water flow in irrigation canals and drainage ditches. Improving water quality by controlling aquatic weeds and algae will restore balance to a body of water. The benefits to controlling aquatic weeds and algae are improved aesthetics, recreational enjoyment, and an increase in property values.

Lake property owners, golf course managers, water utilities, irrigation and drainage professionals, property management and real estate developers are consistently dealing with issues of water resources and maintaining the recreational, aesthetic, financial, and functional value of water resources.

There are hundreds of different species of aquatic weeds. The basic types of aquatic weeds are floating, emersed, and submersed. Proper identification of aquatic weeds and algae are necessary to prescribe the most cost feasible treatment and long term control.

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Small Waters is a certified applicator and specializes in the identification and treatment of aquatic weeds and algae. Applications of aquatic weeds and algae control can be made by land and boat.